Had an accident or emergency?

Spills and stains happen to the best of us.

Around 90% of stains have the capacity to be removed if dealt with correctly and quickly enough. The all-important question we must ask you is…. Have you attempted to remove it yourself? If so – dare we ask – what DIY stain removal methods have you tried?

Spraying an off-the-shelf stain remover on your carpet and hoping for the best isn’t an approach that we advise. The concept that one product is capable of removing all stains from any type of carpet is a myth, and stain removers sold on the market often contain bleaching agents and an array of other obnoxious substances. This is most definitely an exercise best left for specialist carpet cleaners.

Fear not, though. Hope is not lost.

We have an incredibly extensive repertoire when it comes to stain removal. It’s our belief that enhanced stain removal should be part and parcel of a professional carpet cleaning service, and we have made it our duty to amass many years’ worth of experience on the topic.

Honing our skills and employing machinery with the most superior power, suction and heat capabilities have been vital elements in providing you with the best stain removal and carpet cleaning service we possibly can.

How likely is it that your stain will come out?

The likelihood of removing your stain, and working out the appropriate method for tackling it, relies on several key questions:

What is the stain?

How long has it been there?

What has been tried on it, if anything?

What is your carpet made of?

Was your carpet treated with anti-stain protection before the stain happened?

You’d be surprised at what seemingly insignificant factors make a difference to whether or not the stain can be removed.

Coffee stains provide an interesting example of the complexities involved with spot cleaning…

Decaffeinated coffee poses more of a problem to carpets than regular coffee, as artificial colourings are added in the manufacturing process. How hot the liquid was and the height it was dropped from are also important, as they affect the degree to which the liquid permeated the carpet. Even sugar has an impact.

If all else fails, there’s some magical science we can try

In certain cases (particularly where the substance is organic), if a stain can’t be removed using other methods, we create a chromogenic reaction that turns it transparent, effectively making it invisible. We hope you’re impressed!

Before we arrive…

If you’re keen to act before we get to you, a safe approach to spot cleaning is to use white vinegar and water – 3 parts water, 1 part white vinegar – and blot the stain (as long as the carpet is not made of a water-sensitive fabric). Then, weigh down a few layers of kitchen roll on top of it using some heavy books until the area is dry.

Send us your photos!

Send us photos of your stains via email or social media if you’d like our expert opinion. Otherwise, just give us a call and we can chat the matter through.