Should I have my soft furnishings treated with fabric protector after it has been cleaned?

Having us apply protection after cleaning is the best way of ensuring the cleanliness of your carpets and upholstery is sustained. The treatment – which you can’t see or feel – prevents dirt from being caught up in the microscopic rough edges of the fibres. As a result, dirt and stains are easier to remove. Even vacuuming becomes more efficient. It’s a dream come true for young families and pet-owners!

Do I need to clear the room of furniture?

No, you can leave all that to us. Although, it would be helpful if you could clear small, light items (toys, bins, etc.) from the floor. We move the furniture ourselves to clean beneath it, leaving protective foil tabs under the feet of furniture (where needed) to prevent the moisture from causing any rust stains or wood-stain marks on the carpet.

What are your prices?

It depends on what we’re working with. We don’t have a rigid cost structure. Your carpet, rug and sofa is different to that of the client we’ve seen before you. We charge on basis of size, so just drop us a line to fill us in on your specific requirements and we can chat prices through with you.

What payment methods do you accept?

Cash, cheque, online bank transfer or card – whichever suits you best is fine with us.

Should I use a DIY carpet cleaning machine instead?

Put plainly; no. There’s a place for DIY carpet cleaning on the market for interim surface cleans or perhaps for mopping up emergency spills, but it severely lacks the power and expertise that professional carpet cleaning has to offer. Unfortunately, we often have clients call us up lamenting that they have used a DIY carpet cleaning machine in an attempt to deep clean the carpet themselves and have over-wet it, causing bacterias, odours and even shrinkage of the carpet. Plus, the cleaning agents that go alongside them aren’t strong enough to provide a thorough or lasting impact. For the best carpet clean, you need the best carpet cleaner – that involves a skilled and experienced professional.

Does Doctor Carpet deal with flood damage?

Yes, indeed. It isn’t as simple as just sucking up the water from the carpet, as there can be issues that exist underneath it if the water has seeped through to the underlay. The process tends to involve extraction of the water, followed by intense drying using industrial drying equipment, followed by carpet cleaning and sanitisation to prevent bacterias and odours.

What about curtains and blinds; do you clean those?

We generally don’t offer curtain cleaning services. Technically, it is possible to clean curtains and blinds ‘in situ’, however it involves spraying strong cleaning agents into the air, which we would prefer to avoid. It’s an activity best suited for dry cleaners. If you’re carrying out a spring clean, though, please bear us in mind for your carpets and upholstery!