Stain Protection

Stain Protection

Anti-staining treatments shield the carpet fibres and help to protect against spillages and stains. If you were to look at a carpet under a microscope, you would observe that it consists of very rough fibres; general dirt and grime cling to these fibres and become entrenched within them. However, the application of stain protection treatments provides a protective barrier that works to prevent the adhesion of soiling, thus reducing the infiltration of dirt into carpets and resulting in a cleaner carpet for a much longer length of time.

Protective treatments have a similar effect on carpets and upholstery as a protective wax coating does on a car, or a non-stick layer on a frying pan. However, they will not make a carpet ‘bullet-proof’ in the same way that a wax layer on a car will not protect the paintwork if it gets scratched! Nevertheless, they are an excellent way in which to preserve your carpet and maintain its quality over time.

Speak to Doctor Carpet about stain protection and how we can safeguard your carpets, rugs and upholstery.

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