Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Rugs are a beautiful feature for a room and Doctor Carpet appreciates how precious, or even priceless, they are to many people. In October 2016, we attended a three-day intensive rug training course to deepen our knowledge in rug cleaning and minor repairs. We have a wealth of experience in cleaning rugs made up of various materials; most commonly wool and synthetic, but also more delicate materials such as silk and viscose. Our refined skill and state-of-the-art equipment enables us to provide your rug with a thorough deep-clean, thus restoring its rightful illustrious state of being.

New to 2016, we also now provide, and fit, rug underlay. Having scoured the country to source underlay that meet all of our high-specification criteria, we are now able to offer you a rug service that truly goes above and beyond. Its benefits include a prolonged lifespan for your rug, a greater capability for it to remain securely in one place, and an altogether safer and more comfortable soft furnishing for your home.

In most cases rug cleaning is done on-site, allowing for them to be used again quickly. However, depending on what solution we decide is required to return your rug to its former glory, off-site cleaning is sometimes necessary. For example, a long-piled rug would require speed drying to avoid bad odour and potential damage as a result of residual damp. Of course, we will consult you about this before any decision is made.

If you are interested in having a rug cleaned, we will discuss your requirements with you and highlight what can and possibly cannot be achieved from cleaning. As rugs are a feature that draws the eye we recommend that they be protected against potential spillages, particularly if you own deep-pile woollen rugs. You can visit our ‘Stain Protection’ page to find out more if this may be something that interests you.

Give us a call for more information about our services in rug cleaning and stain protection.

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